Magnetize Your Marketing

Effortlessly attract A-list clients with a memorable brand story and magnetic sales funnel


stand out




Tired of "meh" marketing?

You’ve got a business that transforms people and turns a profit.

Your service stands out like a giraffe at a concert.


you struggle to talk about what you do

your message feels flatter than a stale Sprite

your website doesn't scream "Total Pro"

your emails are a lil' lackluster

you're tired of chasing marketing strategies

confusion is killing your momentum

- wow and win business -

You deserve marketing that's empowering and effective

Conquer Confusion

Clarify your message, so it's easy to understand why you're exceptional

Build Your Platform

Stand out with a website that ignites desire and inspires action 24/7

Unleash Your Awesome

Your passion and perspective gives you the emotional edge over Everyone Else

"A gift from the Universe!"
Exactly what I needed to get unstuck and moving forward with confidence. I've already DOUBLED my client bookings with my new brand story and sales funnel. Seriously, she’s an incredible listener and “gets you” in record time. Having her support me and my vision, and take the work off my hands, felt like freedom. I’m still in awe.
"Copy that works for you AND grows your business."
I was struggling to find someone who would take the time to deeply understand my business--and then be able to distill what I do into a clear, compelling message. She’s like a business strategy Jedi with writing superpowers. ​The real deal. I consider her a key partner in my business and highly recommend her.
"The Queen of Clarity!"
Katie is so much more than a master of words. Her deep listening skills are magical when it comes to coaxing the clarity of your business and message to the surface. Working with her was an experience I highly value and won’t forget. Get ready for your confidence to rise and your business to soar. Her talent is worth its weight in gold!
"Copy that feels like you on your Best Day Ever."
I’ve spent YEARS trying to get clarity in my business. After our first call, I felt clearer in my own head! I walked away feeling a deeper connection to my own vision. And empowered to create it with joy and ease. The website looks and feels like me, and my emails are fun and engaging. I’m thrilled with the process and the final product. I LOVED our time together.
"Worth. Every. Penny."
Before I hired Katie to help me with the copy on my website I was completely overwhelmed. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say, but I had no idea how to say it. Enter the incomparable Katie Tibbetts 😉 Thanks to Katie, my vision is clearly and effectively laid out for my potential and current clients. Katie is more than a writer, she is also a business consultant. She knows the trends of the industry and what effectively sells her clients to their clients. My website is dramatically more effective because she had a hand in crafting it.

Kick confusion to the curb

- In 3 Simple Steps -
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We hop on a 30-minute call to chat about you and your business goals.


I create a custom plan to supercharge your sales with detailed steps and clear pricing.


Watch your brand and bank balance soar with the right story and strategy.

A++ work! We're already seeing more page engagement and more time spent on our website. She's way more than just a 'wordsmith'. She's like a story + sales ninja.

Coen Vermeer
CEO Monono
- Get Clear and Confident -

How I can help

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Brand Stories

Magnetize your marketing with a clear, compelling message that hooks people by the heartstrings.

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Turn visitors into raving super fans with a website that ignites desire and inspires action 24/7.

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Email Sequences

Attract new clients with a proven system to connect authentically with your crowd.

Fearless Smarties I Work With


Coaches &

Personal Brands

Small Businesses

Want to magnetize your marketing?

Discover the 5 Secrets of a Magnetic Homepage.

Make just ONE change today and attract new clients with ease.  Go ahead.  Download it.  I dare ya to.

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Pssst... wanna know a secret?

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve got a wildly awesome service that you want exceptional souls to experience.

To achieve that you need to crack the code to getting noticed in a noisy world.

The answer may surprise you in it’s simplicity.

It’s got nothing to do with sales funnels or persuasion principles. But it’s helped thousands of companies make millions of dollars.

And it’s not rocket science.

A Caveman could do it–and they did!

Invite people INTO a clear, compelling story.

How do you know if you’re telling the right story to grow your business? (Spoiler alert: most businesses get this wrong.)

1. Don’t make it about you.
2. Stop. Sounding. Like. Everyone. Else.

Listen, as a business owner myself, I’m deeply familiar with the paradox of digital marketing: we want people to notice us, but we’re terrified of standing out “too much”.

So we end up watering down our message, or wasting time on a whole bunch of Me-Too marketing. (FYI: there IS no “right way”, there’s only the right way FOR YOU.)

The good news is I’ve got a simple, 7-part framework that makes it easy to distill your brand message into a single-batch-blend of je ne sais quoi that people find irresistible.

Ready to unleash your awesome and rise above the fray?

If you care deeply about your clients and your craft
If you’re craving clarity and confidence in your business
If you’re tired of wasting time and money spinning your wheels in confusion

I can help