Empower your people

Get the right story and strategy for you to attract dream clients with ease

A good story gets noticed


Your Story

Highlights your unique power, gives credibility to your craft, and positions you as the "go-to" guide.

Your Client's Story

Informs every aspect of your messaging because they're the real hero of your brand story (not you).

Your Brand Story

Resonates because it's crafted with deep understanding and a dollop of irresistible charm.

You're like the Horse-Whisperer of your craft

you’ve got a service that stands out
you’ve got a knack for connecting with people
you’ve got a stack of glowing testimonials

But when it comes to talking about what you do?

Or knowing how to EFFECTIVELY grow your business online?
That’s where the wheels of the I.M. Awesome Express come off the tracks.
You get derailed by indecision. Swamped by confusion.
And you find yourself hoping some fairy on a unicorn will sweep in and save you.

I’m here to help you drain the swamp.

I don’t have a magic wand. Or a unicorn.
But, I do have a some timeless strategies and a proven system to help you:
*Get crystal clear on who you serve and why you’re exceptional (no shamans or psychedelics necessary).
*Craft a brand story that’s aligned with your values and your audience.
*Create a website that grows your business because it’s built with compassion, clarity and a pinch of pizzaz.

Because here’s the B.S. free truth:

People don’t buy what you do.
And they don’t buy why you do it.
They buy HOW you make them feel.

Together, we’ll set the emotional tone of your business

And turn your website into a powerful tool for connecting with clients.
So you can focus on what you truly enjoy: your craft.
Ready to make like Jackson Pollock and turn your “meh” marketing into a masterpiece?

Who's the monkey behind this circus?

Hi there, I’m Katie!

Your marketing detective and master storyteller.

I help adventurous business owners just like you kick confusion to the curb and craft their message, so people perk up and pay attention.

And I have more fun doing it than a box-full-o-puppies.


TLDR…I didn’t have the stomach for medical school. Or the times to be a professional marathoner.

So, instead I help other really cool people make a positive impact on the world.

And that’s pretty darn fun in my book.

Ready to unleash your awesome and make some awesome money doing it?


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Mid adult male and female artists laughing while using laptop in studio
"A gift from the Universe!"
Exactly what I needed to get unstuck and moving forward with confidence. I've already DOUBLED my client bookings with my new brand story and sales funnel. Seriously, she’s an incredible listener and “gets you” in record time. Having her support me and my vision, and take the work off my hands, felt like freedom. I’m still in awe.
"Copy that works for you AND grows your business."
I was struggling to find someone who would take the time to deeply understand my business--and then be able to distill what I do into a clear, compelling message. She’s like a business strategy Jedi with writing superpowers. ​The real deal. I consider her a key partner in my business and highly recommend her.
"The Queen of Clarity!"
Katie is so much more than a master of words. Her deep listening skills are magical when it comes to coaxing the clarity of your business and message to the surface. Working with her was an experience I highly value and won’t forget. Get ready for your confidence to rise and your business to soar. Her talent is worth its weight in gold!
"Copy that feels like you on your Best Day Ever."
I’ve spent YEARS trying to get clarity in my business. After our first call, I felt clearer in my own head! I walked away feeling a deeper connection to my own vision. And empowered to create it with joy and ease. The website looks and feels like me, and my emails are fun and engaging. I’m thrilled with the process and the final product. I LOVED our time together.
"Worth. Every. Penny."
Before I hired Katie to help me with the copy on my website I was completely overwhelmed. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say, but I had no idea how to say it. Enter the incomparable Katie Tibbetts 😉 Thanks to Katie, my vision is clearly and effectively laid out for my potential and current clients. Katie is more than a writer, she is also a business consultant. She knows the trends of the industry and what effectively sells her clients to their clients. My website is dramatically more effective because she had a hand in crafting it.